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What Is Kybella™?

  • KYBELLA ™ is a new treatment that was recently approved by the FDA to improve the appearance and profile of those who suffer from sub-mental fat in the chin area, also known as “double chin.”
  • KYBELLA ™ is a non-surgical alternative to sub-mental lipsuction. Those who have received KYBELLA ™ injections to targeted areas have experienced reduced chin fat and dramatic neck contour improvement. There is some amount of swelling, bruising, pain and numbness to be expected following treatment.
  • San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Corey Maas was a principle investigator on the study of KYBELLA™, and as part of his role, has administered over 300 treatments of KYBELLA™ at his clinics in San Francisco and Tahoe.
  • Kybella San Francisco is among the first to offer this new and exciting non-invasive alternative to sub-mental liposuction in the Bay Area.

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