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Kybella: The New Fat Dissolving Injection

[box] “The FDA announced the clearance of a new drug called Kybella, the name of the molecule is deoxycholic and its a product or derivative of mesotherapy. It’s an alternative medicine way of injecting skin and theoretically, tightening it.

We actually found one molecule with deoxycholic or Kybella molecule, it does work and it works by destroying fat cells when it’s injected in small amounts in targeted areas. This product comes in solution, it will be available very soon for doctors, and when its being used on label with the FDA, it will be used in the neck area.

I was a principle investigator on this study. It was used on our practice in over 300 treatments in the neck area and we saw dramatic improvements and the reduction of chin fat and improvement of the contour of the neck, which would be an alternative to liposuction surgery of the neck or sub-mental liposuction, as we call it, for people who really don’t want to have surgery.

In the clinical trial, the patients had treatments about every month and so they were to a satisfactory range of improvement. Most of those required about 4 or 5 treatments at monthly intervals and in a small subset of the patients there was pretty dramatic swelling underneath the neck, which may make people think twice about choosing between Kybella and liposuction under the neck when they’re choosing that as an alternative.

What’s more exciting to me as a principle investigator and researcher in this area are the other applications that Kybella will surely use. We have several protocols, we are already submitting. As physicians and surgeons, we’re allowed to use approved products in off label fashions, and I’m very excited to announce that we’ll be offering Kybella treatments for the treatment of cellulite, for the treatment of areas that are very difficult to treat like liposuction irregularities on the abdomen, hips, back, thigh, legs, areas like that. These are areas where liposuction commonly can have small bumps or lumps or irregularities and it’s my feeling that Kybella will be very effective in smoothing out and reducing these lumps or bumps. So if you have questions about or if you ever had liposuction and you have a little lump or irregularity divot, something like that please give us a call at the clinic and we’ll be happy to talk to you about it or you can write me at

Along with that list of applications, I’ve already mention cellulite and liposuction abnormalities, but there’s great hope in my mind. For example men, who don’t want to have liposuction surgery for “love handles” or maybe they just have little “love handles” and want some corrections. People who have had CoolSculpting or other types of fat reduction treatments and have a little bit of an edge where the treatment window was will be excellent candidates for softening those little ledges or edges, the bathtub deformity as its often called. CoolSculpting is very effective in reducing fat but its only in the area that the applicator head is applied. So these are applications along with things like bat wings, the sort of fatty hanging tissue under the arms, the tops of the knee area, or areas that are very difficult to treat with liposuction or any treatment outside of extensive surgery like lifting the leg or circumferential brachial arm reduction, brachioplasty is what it’s called.

So I’m quite excited about the applications that are off-label applications, in fact, more so than I am about the neck, liposuction of the chin and neck takes about an hour, people have really only a few days of recovery time wearing a little chin strap and so while we will certainly be offering the non-surgical option with Kybella and I’m very happy to do that with over 300 treatments done already, liposuction surgery is still a very good alternative and people will have to choose between those.

Just to get a little bit in to how this works, again the molecule is now pretty well-understood, its injected as a solution, it stings a little bit but not anything significant when it’s done properly. It’s done just below the skin surface or into the deeper fatty tissues below the skin surface and the product itself through a process causes the Lises or breaking of the fat cells and when the fat is released that’s inside a fat cell into the tissues, it sets up an inflammatory reaction where microphagous and the other cells of inflammation come up and gobble up this fat.

There’s no elevation that was measured in serum levels or the blood circulating levels or triglycerides or fat but this inflammatory process in my opinion seems to be an important part of it because it also creates some contraction or tightening of the skin along with the loss of fat and that maybe as important as the destruction of fat cells.

So I’m very happy to introduce Kybella. I’m going to post some important things on our website at All of our patients can see it on our educational platform and certainly if you’re interested in this follow us on along with my twitter feed @DrCoreyMaas.

As always, it’s my pleasure to talk about new technologies and I’m excited to be talking about this, expecting a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of energy generated about this new option for us to destroy unwanted facial fat or fat on the body. This is Dr. Corey Maas on Looking Your Best.”[/box]

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